We are the The New England Institute of Art ACM SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group in Graphics) student chapter, and we host weekly/monthly/meetings based around the media arts industry that are free and open to the public.


        NEiA ACM SIGGRAPH is a Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics, serving the New England Institute of Art. Our goal is to bring members in-depth coverage of the latest developments and achievements in the field of computer graphics including Animation, Visual Effects, Multi-Media, Internet and Web Design. Our members have the opportunity to foster relationships with fellow students and professionals alike to last through their education and into their careers.

Though we will update the calender above, Jason Wiser has taken the time to gather all the events of Boston into a single page on his website. Click HERE to see a list of the groups and events.

Gesture Drawing Night

Comic Book Night...comic!

Page 1 - 5 : Stan 
Page 6 - 9 : Malik Thomas
Page 10 - 12 : Zach M Sweeting
Page 13 : Izzy Nicholasito Diaz
Page 14 - 16 : Elmer Villalobos
Page 17 - 18 : Monty

Find the rest here: https://www.facebook.com/Studio3.DLG/posts/1061988683841441


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YouTube Video

YouTube Video